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The Prevent T2 Lifestyle Change Program (formerly the National Diabetes Prevention Program) is a lifestyle change program for adults in Madison County diagnosed as pre-diabetic or who are at a high risk for diabetes.

A trained Lifestyle Coach helps participants decrease their risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes through regular meetings with a small group of people all working toward the same goal. In each of these meetings the lifestyle coach will present a new topic for discussion to help participants become more physically active, eat healthier, and manage day-to-day stress that gets in the way of their health goals.

In the first phase of the program participants meet for one hour weekly for 16 weeks to create healthy changes in their life. In phase two, they meet once monthly for 8 months to support and maintain these healthy changes. This will complete a one year program.


Prevent T2 Lifestyle Change Program: CAZENOVIA

Start Date:  September 10th - August 2020

Time: 10:00 AM  - 11:00 AM

Day: Tuesdays

Location: Cazenovia Public Library Community Room, 100 Albany St, Cazenovia, NY 

Cost: Free

For more information on prediabetes check out the CDC’s website and watch this video. To find out if you have prediabetes or are at a high risk for diabetes take this quiz and follow up with your doctor.


We have classes starting regularly in Cazenovia, Hamilton and Oneida, NY

To enroll or find out more about the program contact:

Bonnie Slocum, Executive Director

tel: (315) 447-7625

fax: (315) 684-9290


Check out this video to hear from people who changed to a healthier lifestyle and reduced their risk of Type 2 Diabetes by completing the Prevent T2 Lifestyle Change Program.