Who we are

The Madison County Rural Health Council, Inc. (MCRHC) was established in April 2013 by a consortium of organizations representing the largest providers of health and social services in the county. Through the MCRHC local providers are better able to coordinate the county-wide alignment of health care resources, expertise and services, and evidence based practices to meet health needs in our communities.

The Council was established to:

  • Identify gaps in services and facilitate implementation plan to address such gaps

  • Coordinate and report on county-wide strategic planning regarding health care services

  • Coordinate county-wide alignment of health care resources and services

  • Monitor health services, quality of care and emerging health and health care issues

  • Coordinate the development of a shared health information system

  • Facilitate affiliation agreements among providers

  • Assist in professional recruitment efforts, and

  • Encourage community and consumer involvement in the network.